How to build a garden room or garden office

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Tips & Information

Here’s a video of my summer house construction. It took about 10 months start to finish, built in my spare time and when I was not busy at work.

I didn’t have a massive budget, approx £3,000 in total.

The house we recently bought had some left over patio doors and glazed units from the previous owners. Rather than buy a costly pre-built summer house I decided to design the summerhouse around these 2 doors and 5 windows.

This video shows how I did it. I did all the work myself. The only professionals I got in was the electrician, plasterer and a tiler for the patio. Please ask if you have any questions.

The construction of the sauna in the summer house is not covered in much detail in this video as this was another project. I have a video of the sauna to view below.


Please note: I am not a professional tradesman and I am not an expert in anything you see here, especially brick laying! I just like building DIY stuff in our garden for fun when I’m not busy at work. I researched various methods to building these projects online this is my interpretation of what I learnt.

I hope this helps you with your project – have fun!